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This is an excellent example of retro gaming done right. By taking the old vector graphics-based classic Asteroids and revamping it with fully polygonal 3D graphics, Activision has pulled off a faithful, yet fresh, translation of the original shooter.Any of you who remember playing this classic game will find much to enjoy here. Wisely enough, developer Syrox didn’t stray too far from the original concept. Read the rest of this entry »

Joust (Atari 2600)

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The objective of JOUST is to defend yourself and score points by unseating opponents in a joust. The winner of a joust is the one whose mount is higher at the moment of contact. If the mounts are of equal height,   it’s a draw. Your opponents are the Buzzard Riders. There are three types, each more dangerous than the last mentioned: the Bounders (wearing red), the Hunters (wearing gray), and the Shadow Lords (wearing blue). When you unseat a one in a joust, he’ll become an egg and float around the jousting arena. If you grab the egg, it disappears and you score points. Read the rest of this entry »

Pole Position II

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Pole Position 2 II Atari 7800 Video Game Cartridge 1988

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Blast ’em! They’re colorful. They’re exquisite. They’re beautiful. And they’re out to get you. Blast dive-bombing warriors in this timeless arcade classic. Or get blasted! Text (C) 1987, 2007 Atari, Namco
The object of the game is to kill all the alien ships. At the beginning of a level, the alien ships will fly into formation, then, they will begin to attack, after every level, the alien ships will get faster and smarter, you must get 20000 points to earn an extra ship, there are 3 kinds of alien ships.
A special kind of alien ship is the Boss Galaga, this alien ship must be shot twice to be killed and has a tractor beam that can bring your ship up behind him, but even though you’ve lost a fighter, you can get him back! Here’s how, shoot Boss Galaga while he’s flying down to shoot you, then you’ll have a dual fighter, which means you can have to of your ships fighting at the same time! But remember, don’t kill Boss Galaga when he’s in formation, if you do, your ship will become an enemy! Also remember not to shoot your lost ship! Read the rest of this entry »