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Doctor Who Electronic Flight Control Tardis Playset

Buy Doctor Who Electronic Flight Control Tardis Playset Now

Product Description


Yes! If you dig Doctor Who, you just gotta have one of these! After all, you can’t time-travel without it and any Doctor Who collection would be incomplete without of a TARDIS. This incredible Electronic Flight Control TARDIS features lights and sounds that are activated by movement, and doors that your 5-inch tall action figures can fit through. It’s amazing! Don’t leave this website without it. Requires 3x ‘AAA’ batteries (not included). Doctor Who is a long-running British science-fiction television program (and a 1996 television movie) produced by the BBC. The program presents the adventures of a mysterious time traveler known as ‘the Doctor.’ Along with his companions, he explores time and space in his TARDIS time ship, solving problems and righting wrongs. Read the rest of this entry »