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Doctor Who Red Supreme Dalek Voice Changer Helmet

Buy Doctor Who Red Supreme Dalek Voice Changer Helmet Now

doctorwhosupremedalekvoicechangerhelmetProduct Description

The Dalek Voice Changer Helmet is a tiered, circumferential cranial housing, joined with a glowing blue eye stalk. By donning the Dalek Helmet, you gain the ability to speak in the Daleks bloodless tone, play back pre-record Dalek phrases, or activate the Exterminator sound. Should the Daleks ever stage a full scale invasion, battering past the pitiable defenses of mankind, the Dalek Voice Changer Helmet might make the difference between survival and hideous annihilation. Read the rest of this entry »

Doctor Who 5″ Radio Controlled (RC) Supreme Dalek

Buy Doctor Who 5" Radio Controlled (RC) Supreme Dalek Now

Product Descriptiondoctorwhoremotecontrolledsupremedalek

Description: This 5" Supreme Dalek from Doctor Who Series 4 has full movement control and Dalek phrases such as "You will all be exterminated". Dalek requires 3xAAA not included. Controller requires 3xAAA not included

Product Features