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Spin Master PixOs Super Studio

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Product Description


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The PixOs Super Studio allows young children to explore their creative impulses and make various two- and three-dimensional creations and designs. With no ink or mess, the PixOs Super Studio is a clean and easy way for children aged four and up to get started with art. You’re child

will be thrilled when he or she presents you with an original sculpture. Because of the many small pieces, this studio is not appropriate for small children who need constant supervision during playtime.

Easy, Clean Art
The Super Studio requires some assembly, which a parent will most likely have to do. Don’t worry: set-up is simple. The PixOs Super Studio works by allowing kids to create art by using small balls called PixOs th

at will stick to each other if lightly sprayed with water and allowed to dry.

There are different colored PixOs, and children create designs (using templates or with their own imagination) by using the “pen” to place the PixOs on a grid-like tray. An included “eraser” makes it easy to remove a misplaced PixO. After the child is done with a design, he or she lightly sprays it with water using the included spray bottle, and puts it underneath the fan to dry. When dry, the finished piece can be removed from the tray and placed it wherever you’d like.

We made a cute, colorful cat, then gave her a dog for a playmate soon after. Once we understood how it worked, we were able to whip up new designs and art quickly. Just be certain that the designs are fully dry. It took a bit longer than we expected, and we accidentally ruined a cherry because we picked it up off the plate before the PixOs were sufficiently dry and stuck together.

Please note that the PixOs are tiny. Although the recommended age on the box says four and up, we believe that children on the younger end of the scale might require supervision, especially if they are inclined to swallow things. Additionally, the fan requires two AA batteries to operate, but we found that the fan was too weak to really speed up the drying process; instead we placed our finished PixOs designs by an open window to save on batteries.

Different Templates Make Learning Fun
Included are six template designs of varying degrees of difficulty that will help you get accustomed to using the studio. With the templates, kids can make strawberries, cherries, cats, dogs, and more! Some of the designs are three-dimensional, so they can stand on their own. Once these templates have been mastered, kids can create whatever they want and will only be limited by their imaginations.

What’s in the Box
500 PixOs, PixOs Sorter and Dispenser, six template designs, two trays, water sprayer, standard instructions, 3-d instructions.

Product Description
Just add water, and watch in amazement as the PixOs beads magically fuse together to create a work of art. When you’re done with your creation, finish it off by using the studio’s built-in dryer. Studio comes with 500 PixOs, two design trays, five double-sided templates, two instruction booklets, spray bottle, super studio unit with built-in storage, dryer and pen dispenser. Refills sold separately. Requires 2 “AA” batteries, not included.

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