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Ms. Pacman, Galaga – Classic Arcade – 19in Cabaret Game

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Midway brings two of its most popular arcade titles, Ms. Pac Man and the space shooter Galaga, together in one stand-up cabinet. Ms. Pacman continues the pellet chomping and ghost destroying that made her significant other famous, only she does it in new mazes that feature warp tunnels that can take her from one side of the screen to the other. Its the twenty-five year old gaming experience that transcends generations. Shes joined by Galaga, another classic arcade game that is a joy for players of all ages. Players control a spaceship that has to shoot and fend off waves of approaching and dive bombing alien craft before they overwhelm. These arcade room greats combine to make a cabinet that is the centerpiece of any game room, and are just a thrill to play for any gamer who has respect for the classics.

Product Features



  • Game Machine Dimensions: 33in L x 24in W x 68in H / Weight: 300 lbs.
  • 19in Color Monitor


  • Authentic arcade game joystick and controls just like the original – nothing has changed!
  • Includes classic Ms. Pacman and Galaga, with an option to play either game regular or speedy, plus several built-in bonus games
  • Ms. Pacman – Avoid the ghosts and chomp all of the pellets to move onto the next stage. Chomp the large pellets to turn the tables on the ghosts. Gather tasty pieces of fruit for bonus points.




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    • ASIN: B000GF2NUO
    • Sales Rank: #293,276 in Sports & Outdoors

    Buy Ms. Pacman, Galaga – Classic Arcade – 19in Cabaret Game Now

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